The Andrology Expert

Prof. Osama Shaeer is one of the few world-class experts in Andrology Surgery. In addition to having peformed thousands of cases of penile implant surgeries and penile curvature correction for around thirty years, he is the inventor of many surgical procedures that have changed the practice of penile prosthesis implantation and penile deviation surgeries.

Prof.Osama Shaeer, the expert in penile implant surgery and correction of penile curvature
Prof.Osama Shaeer, the expert in penile implant surgery and correction of penile curvature

Professor of Andrology at the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt, and Academician at the European Academy of Andrology. Since 1996, Shaeer has published over 55 papers in the fields of erectile dysfunction and male infertility, with novel techniques such as Penoscopy for penile fibrosis, Punch technique for Peyronie’s disease, Corporal Rotation for correction of severe penile curvature without shortening, Dorsal Phalloplasty for enhancing penile length along with penile prosthesis implantation, Mitomycin technique to prevent fibrosis upon explantation of an infected implant, penile girth augmentation using flabs, laparoscopic bypass for iatrogenic inguinal obstruction of the vas deferens, and more. In the field of sexuality, Shaeer launched the Global Online Sexuality Survey, with Eight publications describing various aspects of male and female sexual function.

Shaeer is the manager of the Middle East training center for the European Academy of Andrology, Editor at the Video Journal of Prosthetic Urology, President Elect of the Middle East Society of Sexual Medicine. He has been honored with the “Award of Excellence in Medical Sciences”, Egypt, 2005

Prof. Shaeer operates one of a hand-full of “Centers of Excellence” in penile prosthesis implantation surgery world-wide. This center “Kamal Shaeer Hospital” is in Giza, a vibrant, modern and interesting part of Cairo, Egypt.